Erratic behaviour of views with 2.0pb8

I am experiencing erratic behaviour of the view/edit pane with 2.0pb8 under OS 10.5.7. Changing views, or toggling the widescreen option on or off in Three Pane View, can lead to a tag bar with a large amount of empty vertical space, and/or in widescreen view the control bar at the top of the view/edit pane is obscured. Clicking the tag icon in the control bar a couple of times restores normality, until the view is changed again.

thanks for the bug report! Do you have any simple instructions for me to reproduce this? Because after switching views & wide-screen many times everything is still as expected.

The behaviour was persistent during the session, but having quit and re-started DTPO everything seems stable again. Sorry for the false alarm.

Please let me know if this should happen again, thanks.