Error clipping from iOS mail to DEVONthink

Hi all,

What does the attached error message mean? As above, I just tried to save an email message to DT3.

What do you mean by “save to” and I assume you mean DEVONthink To Go ?

Hi, yep that’s right. I did that complex print from iOS mail, hard push to bring up the PDF and the option to share, and then selecting DT to Go.

:+1:. Thanks for the clarification,

Hi, @AusJohn, maybe this helps: instead of saving the pdf I always zoom into the preview shown in the print dialogue (two fingers gesture) and then share to DTTG by using „Copy to DevonThink“ (not clipping, doesn’t work for me for PDFs) - using „copy to“ has been working reliably for me in iOS.

That tip even works best for me when trying to „clip“ from cluttered websites. Using Safari reader view -> share -> print zoom in -> share again -> DEVONthink.

Yes, it feels a little bit cumbersome but creates the best result PDFs for my usecases.

You can also import emails from the native iOS mail app by dragging an email into DEVONThink To Go in split screen mode. DTTG will retain all fields and include attachments, similar to importing email in DT3 on macOS.

AFAIK there is no regular share sheet in the native Mail app. I’m somewhat confused as to why Apple doesn’t support sharing in iOS Mail.

Might you not use the split screen in iOS, the pinch out PDF mentioned above is a nice work-around though for many situations. You can also share the PDF content (the text) with Shortcuts for example.

Hi all, thanks for your responses. I’ve had a go using your suggestions.

The two finger zoom seems to do the same thing as my hard push, and I don’t get any choice to “save” to DT, only to clip.

As for splitting the screen, that sounds promising, however I don’t know that I can do that on my old iPhone 8. I’ve looked it up online and nothing has come up that’s worked.

For now I think I’ll save email imports for when I’m in front of the desktop DT.

It is mystifying why Apple still doesn’t think sharing from Mail would be any use to anyone!


It is mystifying why Apple still doesn’t think sharing from Mail would be any use to anyone!

Indeed it is strange.

There are two different DT share icons

  • clip
  • copy

I think you haven’t enabled the right icon yet by customizing the share sheet.

When you’ve pinched out on the print dialog:

  • press the share sheet icon (the square with an arrow pointing up and outward)
  • the share sheet should be presented with icons like Airdrop and Email
  • (if necessary) scroll the icons to the left until you see the ‘More’ icon (three dots)
  • press the ‘More’ icon
  • press Edit
  • press the green ‘plus’ sign before the ‘Copy to DEVONthink’ icon (this will add the copy icon)
  • press Done twice (first upper right, then upper left)
  • press the now available copy to DEVONthink

You’ll have to do all these steps only once. You can enable or disable most share options that you don’t use, or reorder them.

It’s device specific, and the iPhone 8 AFAIK indeed is not one of the devices that allows this. Most newer iPads do.

Brillant, thank you muchly. I didn’t have Copy to DT enabled. It’s fixed it all for me. Thanks again!


You’re welcome