error: Do you want to allow this page to open “(null)”?

In Safari I keep getting an ‘error’ message every time I try to clip a webpage to DevonThink. I’ve tried turning off all extensions (except ‘clip to DevonThink’, for obvious reasons), but this has no effect. It seems to only happen in Safari. The message is:

"Do you want to allow this page to open “(null)”? "

I get an option of click to continue or cancel. If I click to continue, this works and I’m able to clip the page. So DevonThink still works fine, but this extra step is getting kind of annoying.

I’m pretty sure the problem lies with Safari and not DevonThink.

Does anyone know what might be causing this, and any potential solutions?

See search.php?keywords=%22Do+you+want+to+allow+this+page+to+open%22