error during PDF OCR halts the importing process

I’m a new Devonthink Pro Office user and I’m running into and issue during batch conversion using the data --> convert --> to searchable PDF selecting a few hundred files which I hope to leave running (perhaps days) to process.

My problem is that I have had several instances when I go to check on the progress where I see an error message,
“Couldn’t extract page 0 from PDF document”

with choices of to continue or quit. Of course that means that I lost perhaps all day with the computer sitting idle waiting for me to press the button, rather than OCRing more documents.

Is there a way to tell Devonthink to automatically choose “continue”, for example, rather than wait for user input so I can leave the program running unattended?

thank you

There’s no such option yet. Could you please send the scan plus the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Console.log to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!