error importing message

I get the above message consistently with messages from one sender. The emails behave normally in all other programs: readable, printable, copyable, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.



If you open the Console application (Applications > Utilities > Console) there may be a message that explains more. Please send that plus any other info to

If you know what message it is in Mail, you could go to File > Save As… and choose “Raw Source” as the Format. Compress this file and add it to the email to support. That would help a lot.

Interesting. I opened the console, and (while DT shows a list of errors showing messages not imported, console says there were 0 failures.

I’m wondering if, as it’s a message from a lawyer, there isn’t some sort of no copy something attached?? I notice that password encrypted Word files also fail. I’m afraid I should not send raw source info, as it is a confidential contract. At any rate, I supposed I can copy it to Word and then import to DT.

Thanks for the suggestions,