Error in DEVONThink 3 Pro splash screen?

I upgraded to DT Pro 3 a few days ago and have been using it with no issues.

But this morning when I launched the program, the splash screen said “Welcome to DEVONThink Server.”

I don’t recall upgrading to the Server version—and the “About DEVONThink 3” window still says “DEVONThink 3 version 3.0 beta1”

Is this splash screen a bug?

I think you’re referring to the Help > Support Assistant window. Not seeing the same results here, but I’m running an internal copy.

Yes, of course, you’re right. It’s the Support Assistant window.

But I’ve quit and restarted DEVONThink 3 several times today, and each time I am welcomed to DEVONThink Server.

It’s harmless, so I’d ignore it for now.
It’ll likely behave in the next beta release.

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Did you enter a license code or do you use it unregistered?

I use a license code for DEVONThink Pro 3 that I purchased on 1 May (it was an upgrade from DEVONThink Pro Office 2).

Speaking of license, I upgraded from DTPO to DT3 Pro, is the license window correct? Thanks

I check my account the page shows DT3 Pro.

Yes. The app name is always “DEVONthink 3”. However, in the next beta the About/Launch panels will display the name of the licensed edition.

Thank you for the info.