Error Mess: "Initialization Database is already in use!

[I searched for the term of the error message “Database is already in use”, got 1683 replies but none of them addressed the search term. so posting here.] NEED HELP.

I keep my data and databases on an external RAID drive.

Switched from a laptop to a souped-up tower. Copied the salient DVOPro library/bundle/pre/script files over from laptop to tower per instructions in manual.

Now when I try to access my main database on the tower, I get the following message:

Database is already in use!”

I am able to access my other DVOPro databases, but not this main one.

What am I over-looking?

I had a previous version of DevonThink on the tower and activated it before I could stop it from opening a new database. Removed that app and all the app support files/pref files/ I could find. Cleaned out everything except DevonAgent.

Then re-fired up the RAID drive on the laptop, initialized and verified the general database that wasn’t working on the twoer, and copied over the DVOPro support files from the laptop to the tower as described above.

Still got the same response.


Whoa! I just saw Bill DeVille’s answer to Stonecutter about this. I will try what was explained there.

I swear, I swear, I swear I searched for the error message term before writing my topic. Problem was that I wrote the error message as written in the program.

I solved it by following this advice from Bill DeVille located here:

"Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 3:49 pm Post subject:
Hi, Gerber:

First approach. In the Finder, take a look inside the database package to see if there’s a “lock” file. May not make any difference, but if it’s there, delete it, then try to open the database."

Search for DeVille and the date shown.