Error message Devonthink Pro

Dear All

I am continually getting an error message that reads

“Couldn’t write some or all metadata attributes”

Is there a way to repair this message?

Many Thanks


What kind of action does this error cause? Did you check the permissions of the file?

Thank you for such a quick response. The error message appears when I open a database but it doesn’t seem to have an affect on an individual item. When you say check the permissions is that for all of my databases or individual files?

For individual files. Could you please post a screenshot of the message? Because this message should only be logged to the Console but not presented to the user.

Sure will do. I will take a snap of it when it next occurs. Is it worth re-installing software?

Reinstalling shouldn’t make a difference but you could try it (after creating the screenshot of course :slight_smile:)


I have enclosed screen shot and I have noticed it’s independent of the app ie it floats around the main screen and not enclosed in the DevonThink application. But of course only comes up when Devonthink is opened.

Thanks for the screenshots! This is an alert displayed by the Sorter. If the Sorter doesn’t contain any data, then you could try to quit the Sorter, delete the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter and relaunch the Sorter. This should fix the issue.