Error Message: Initialization - Database Already in Use!

The power went out this morning, and upon restart DT (Personal) was giving the above message.

This is the first time this has happened, and I assume something’s corrupted, but am not sure what to do. The default choice is “OK”, but when I choose that I don’t see any way to restore the database, etc.

Should I just choose “Ignore” and then go from there?

What should I then do - restore from backup?

First, make a copy of the database in the Finder. Then open the copy, choose “Ignore” and select “Tools > Verify & Repair”. If there should be any errors, restore a backup or try to rebuild the database.

OK, I did that and it didn’t show any errors, so hopefully everything’s OK. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I was wondering … there’s a file, DEVONthink.lock, in the DEVONthink folder. What’s the purpose of that, and is it supposed to be there all the time?

The lock file indicates the database is in use. It’s normally deleted when you quit DEVONthink normally. With abnormal termination (such as you saw) the presence of the lock file on restart will cause the “warning: database in use!” error.