Error Message that Database is already open

I downloaded a trial version of DTPro last night and was starting to learn how to use it this evening. I entered a few documents earlier, tried a few commands and closed the program. When I booted up the program - (OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite) I received an error message saying that it appeared that the database was already open and an option to either Cancel or Continue. I also noticed that the database was called “inbox” which was interesting because the database I entered after dl the program and installing it was called something entirely different.

I attempted to close the program and restart but received the same error message. I also got this message after shutting down and rebooting the computer (MBP mid-2012).

I’m open to suggestions.



The “in use” message can result from an attempt by more than one copy of a DEVONthink application to simultaneously access the database; this can result in database damage. The message can also result from any event that resulted in the database not having been properly closed after last access, such as a System or application crash, a forced shutdown, power failure, etc.

If you are sure that the message didn’t result from a simultaneous access attempt by more than one copy of DEVONthink, click the Continue button to open the database. Then run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for possible database errors. Comment: Never place a database in Dropbox or other cloud host, as sharing or syncing the database in this way will cause database damage, possibly in a way that cannot be detected by the Verify & Repair procedure.

The Global Inbox is automatically created by DEVONthink Pro when the application is first launched. The Global Inbox is intended primarily as a temporary holding database for new content, such as items captured by dragging them into the Inbox location in the left column of a Finder window, or into the Inbox slot of the Sorter.

It’s likely that whatever happened that resulted in improperly closing your database involved System instability that made DEVONthink Pro “forget” the database. You can open that database either via the File > Open Database menubar command (navigating and selecting the desired database), or by selecting it from the File > Open Recent list of recent databases.

Thanks Bill, your suggestion worked. I do not have any data that is valuable on this new install, think it might enhance the stability of the program if I deleted the database and started fresh?

it does appear to be normal but I really don’t have enough experience to say that with confidence - too much new at this point.

IIRC I did at one point attempt to capture an Apple Mail message using CONTROL > OPTION > COMMAND > M without success and got a message that DTPro crashed. That is probably a part of this puzzle.

Thanks for the help,