Error message, what does it mean and how can i do?

error message, what does it mean and how can i do?

From some time, this log message appears.
Even if I try database repair or rebuild, it will reappear soon.
What is the problem and how do I do it?
무엇이 문제이며 어떻게 하면 되나요?

If you search in this forum for “nsurlerrordomain” you’ll find numerous articles about this.

Is this a Dropbox sync?

yes it is, I’m using dropbox and icloud(new) because each database is a little different.

Are you using ICloud and Dropbox for different databases, not syncing the same database to both locations?

The problem is solved for now. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Yes, I distributed dropbox, icloud by database. I didn’t sink one database into both dropbox and icloud.
After doing empty trash, it became verify.
Before that, even though I did verify, I got a repair failure.

I’m fine after doing empty crash.
Since then, there has been no sync error.

It wasn’t resolved. It will happen again ㅠ

Have you reviewed to postings hear to learn this is a time-out issue, controlled by your cloud file service provider…

These are timeouts of the remote server, likely Dropbox in rhis case.
They are non-fatal and generally should be only temporary.

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