Error message when printing to DTP

When printing from Lotus Notes using File-Print, PDF, Save PDF to DevonThinkPro.scpt, I get the following error message:

DevonThink Pro
Notes got an error: <> doesn’t understand the exists message

Any ideas?

Lotus Notes seems to be the only not scriptable application breaking the PDF services, at least so far. One workaround is to add an alias of the DEVONthink Pro (Office) application to ~/Library/PDF Services and to use this in case of Lotus Notes.

Thanks - that works.

Ok - it works but the title of the document is wrong. It is not the subject of what was selected but an “old one”?

Yes, I have the same problem. The document’s name is wrong. It looks like the subject of an old e-mail. I have not found a way how to avoid that. Any ideas?

What’s the title of the printed PDF (see Tools > Show Properties)?