Error message

hello all

Following the last article on Dropbox sync I decided to move on this sync method instead of Bonjour’s one which I found less stable.
I started with few database without any issue but for the current one I encounter an error (I close DTP and restarted it in case of)

Timeout error: NSURLErrorDomain error -1001

Can somebody help me on this?

To be noticed also (but not sure it’s the reason why of the error) that the error arise when DTP try to sync a .tgz file (FYI, in my Database I have only indexed files).

Many thanks for the help


A timeout of the network connection. How fast is your upstream?

Hello Christian :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply my upstream is 0.9Mbit/s currently


Then I’d suggest to reduce the number of connections (see Preferences > Sync). Dropbox uses up to 8 connections, therefore you could try e.g. 4 or 6.

Thanks Christian for the reply

I decreased the number of connection by 6 (instead of 16 by default) and at the moment even if it’s very slow it runs smoothly without anymore a timeout error…hope it will go up to the end :slight_smile:…perhaps for the next DB I will sync I’ll increase the number up to 8/10 just to speed up a little bit the process.

Please note that Dropbox doesn’t use more than 8 connections, WebDAV uses up to 16.

Ah OK good to know.

I also reviewing Webdav option but I have a webdav running on a NAS which is installed at home and I have some difficulties to understand if it will works well because of the IP addressing (internal vs external address)

Do you have a static IP? In that case this should work very well. Otherwise a DynDNS client running on the NAS is probably required.

No I haven’t a fixed IP but indeed a DynDNS or equivalent (I have a Synology DNS address) but once at home I can’t use it I need to be outside my internal home network in order the Synology DNS works…in my home only the 192.168.1.XX works :frowning: