Error messages started appearing after upgrade to v3.6.2

Now every time I start up DT, I get a fairly long list of errors in the log (see examples below) - and they’re always the same errors, and look to be from items created in 2018. Two types - one is a parsing problem for some emails dragged in from Postbox and a few are failed file or webpage imports. Not a major problem, just a little annoying. Fortunately none of these are critical items, so at this point I’d just like the error messages to stop. Thanks for any suggestions! - Jim

9:33:27 AM: ~/Documents/DEVONthink_Databases/My_Notes.dtBase2/Files.noindex/eml/5/Fwd_ TRS Spring Topics - Report Newslettter.eml.eml A parsing problem occurred: mailbox “Fwd_ TRS Spring Topics - Report Newslettter.eml.eml” should contain 1 message and it contains 0.
9:33:27 AM: ~/Documents/DEVONthink_Databases/My_Notes.dtBase2/Files.noindex/html/6/ctamap_SystemMap.pdf.html Failed

And now that the caffeine has kicked in, I can answer my own question! There aren’t that many items (~20), so I can just search for each one by name (or even just look for 0 byte items) - and delete them all.

That should do it – but I’ll leave this topic here anyway in case it’s helpful for the developers to know that this just started happening with the new version.

Do you use DEVONthink To Go 3.0.x too?

Hi Christian- I do - the latest (greatest) upgrade. :slight_smile:

Does a toolbar search for kind:any size:0 return any items?

Yup, all the same items that show up in the log.