Error: Unable to connect to OCR


I’m trying out DEVONThink Pro Office. It was working out great with scanning and OCR’ing docs, but suddenly I’m now getting an error every time I scan a doc and attempt to send it to DEVONThink.

Error: Unable to connect to OCR

Steps I’m taking:

  1. File --> Import --> From Scanner or Camera…
  2. Scan doc
  3. Click on the doc under Documents in the Image Capture window
  4. Click ‘Send To’ button in bottom right of Image Capture window
  5. Error appears.

I tried searching around, but couldn’t find any obvious posts or sites talking about this error. Any tips? I’ve tried rebooting the computer, rebooting the all-in-one printers/canner (Epson WorkForce 545).

This could be from the daily limit of OCR usage with the trial.

Oh, would be nice to see a clearer error about that if this is the case.