Error when adding item to Omnifocus

Trying to add a reminder to process a group in Omnifocus:

I select the group in the side bar
Click the scripts menu --> Reminders -> Add as To Do to Omnifcous

Action fails with:


I get the same result! (as expected).

The clue is in the words you use "select at group", and the error message says “Error when adding an item”.

Groups and items are different things. I didn’t go back to the documentation to see what is supposed to happen–something you can do. My hunch is that it’s working exactly as designed.


I disagree:

  1. the error message above states clearly that we should be able to select a document or a group and create an Omnifocus reminder for it
  2. it is still possible to manually create an OF reminder for a group by collecting the item link and add it to the Notes field in OF

So from that perspective a group or a document should behave exactly the same way.

The sidebar selection doesn’t matter to AppleScript, e.g. to make the behaviour of scripts consistent to version 2. Therefore you have to select an item in the main view.

OK, that explains the behaviour. Thanks.

Still a bit quirky …