Error while syncing

When I think to the remote server (Dropbox), I get the following error:

6:44:28 PM: Sync: Inbox → m****** (Dropbox) Eytan Bakshy’s Homepage.url: (Could not load a record (Could not scan data. Data wasn’t encoded properly?))
6:44:28 PM: Sync: Inbox → m****** (Dropbox) The operation was cancelled.

As you see it is a fatal error and the sync stops there. How can we repair a remote database (if there is no local copy)?

(You probably don’t want to be posting personal info, email addresses, etc. in a forum.)

Please start a Support Ticket.

PS: I agree with korm.

I have just complete testing a whole variety of possibilities, and for me the there is an error when syncing via a SyncStore.

A direct connection works perfectly.

I have tested on various databases across two independent systems at two separate locations.

Any Direct sync at either location works with no problem, but any SyncStore sync - whether via WebDAV, DropBox, or even a local SyncStore on the local disk always errors.

EDIT - to add, is it possible a bug has crept in to cause this problem - either a DEVONthink or Yosemite upgrade?

We are looking into this.

Frustration: the periodic Dropbox sync errors are getting old. I have seen mentions in other posts of a possible new sync scheme in the works. Does anybody have any details? I love Devonthink and will be glad when this problem is behind us.

Don’t assume that any new sync procedure will eliminate all problems with Dropbox.

A future version of Sync will be better than the current one. But in interaction with Dropbox problems may still be possible. Some of the worst problems that have occurred resulted from code changes introduced by Dropbox that broke APIs supplied to developers by Dropbox. Such problems were cleared up by supply of new information to developers; others resulted from new bugs created in Dropbox, that had to be cleared up by Dropbox. So long as Dropbox itself continues to evolve, bugs may appear. In the nature of things, such bugs may not be immediately apparent to Dropbox coders, but can affect applications like DEVONthink and others that interact with Dropbox APIs.

Why use Dropbox APIs instead of just placing a database within Dropbox as the sync procedure? The answer is that no cloud host server treats a DEVONthink database just as it would be treated on a Mac’s boot disk or on a storage device mounted to a Mac. Simply put, cloud hosts are not running OS X. They are competent generally to manage individual files, but not a complex and dynamic database, and will damage the database if it is run directly from the cloud host. And just about every cloud host differs in various ways. That’s why the Sync process uses Dropbox, as other cloud hosts would require individual development to use their APIs.

That’s the universe of software development. The universe isn’t static, but evolves rapidly. That’s good, but has downsides such as the kind of problems noted above.

Similar problems developed in DEVONthink To Go when iOs 8 appeared (and when some iOS devices went to 64-bit operation). The app development environment provided to developers by Apple includes an environment for testing code. But changes in how rich text is handled in iOS combined with differences between older 32-bit and newer 64-bit hardware resulted in failure of the developer environment to reveal problems with RTF and RTF(D) files in DEVONthink To Go 1.x and to quickly solve those problems. This was very frustrating to users of DEVONthink To Go as well as to our developers. I was relieved when the latest upgrade finally made my rich text files usable in DEVONthink To Go 1.5.3. I’ve got many filetypes in my DEVONthink Pro Office databases. The transition to iOS 8 and 64-bit iOS devices was relatively easy except for those of us who use rich text and need to sync those documents to DEVONthink To Go.

I’m a heavy user of DEVONthink Pro Office, constantly adding new content to my databases. I love the ability to integrate the information content of my documents of various filetypes and the richness of the environment in which to work with that information. Some of my databases contain tens of thousands of documents, approximating the word count of the Encyclopedia Britannica. They are very stable, and I won’t place them in an environment that would threaten their stability.


Any news on this - or should I start a support ticket?


Start a Support Ticket so we can track the info. Thanks.

i have the exact same issue , syncing with a Webdac account.

Shall i also open a ticket ?

or do you have any hints what i could do to test ?

Please open a Ticket so we can track histories, frequencies, environmental data, etc.