Errors using iCloud sync with new iPad

Hello all,
I just startet to work with my new iPad Pro 12.9" and see problems in syncing. Sync via iCloud was o.k. with my old 10.5" iPadPro, but now I get two error messages

  1. Kann Datenbank-Ordnet nicht anlegen, Pfad existiert bereits
  2. ungültiger Schlüssel

what I did:

cleared the iCloud syncStore as proposed here: [url]iCloud Sync - lost encryption key]

Re-initialized Bonjour with a new Port #. On my Mac I set up a new Password and gave the new Port number to both iPad and Mac, but I still have these two error messages and sync seems not to work.

Addendum: New error message: Property list ungültig


Bonjour has nothing to do with this, and you should not

  • Don’t enable Bonjour on all devices. It should only be enabled on a device that will act as a server, likely the Mac.
  • Do notassign the same port number to more than one device. In fact, you should let DEVONthink assign a port for you.

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug. Include a screencapture of DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync with the sync location selected.