Esoteric log.

I cannot sync properly. When I try I get an esoteric log:

Sync information
XXNameofDatabaseonDropbox (Manifest file
*49823672800oishz74ujhstr35f2gwtsr67899200ikkkkklléééajhggg :laughing: :laughing: (this string is a fake, but on my iPad is something like this)

What does it mean? How can I fix this sync issue?

Do a Clean Database by right-clicking the database in the Sync Preferences and choosing the option.

Please tap the ? button on iOS and choose “Send feedback” and send the email to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!

I have sent an email to the support address: I hope it is the same.

To Bullfrog: it is not a good idea to perform a Clean Database because it erases everything and you have to start from zero!

Not identical but I might receive it sooner or later :slight_smile:

Jim suggested to clean the sync store. Does a verification of the sync store (see action/contextual menu of sync location on the Mac) report any issues?

Thanks for the reply. i do not understand what you are saying. I was talking about this:
on the DTO (desktop) go to Preferences->Sync–>Choose Database and right click and what you see is: If I click

  1. Import DT
  2. Syncronize DT
  3. Verify DT Quickly
  4. Clean DT
  5. Refresh List
    Now if I click 3 it verifies the DT: everything is ok! If I click 4 the DT will be erased!!

The database is only removed from the sync store, the local database isn’t deleted of course.

Exactly! This is not the issue. If you already have synced with your iPad a 1 giga Database to start again would be a pain!


Depending on the network and the contents this should be usually a matter of minutes.

A Clean Location or Clean Database is sometimes a necessary thing to do. We would not include the option if it wasn’t a viable tool.

Is it “fun” or “convenient” ? No, but neither is going to the doctor for your yearly checkup. You can skip either, but that’s no help to you in either case. :mrgreen: