Eu vat / eu vat id

Does anyone here know if it’s possible to purchase DT products without EU VAT being added if you have an EU VAT ID?

Yes, you can add your VAT ID during checkout and either purchase without VAT or get it back with your tax return.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried entering my VAT ID in the “Need more information on your invoice?” section, but VAT is still included at the last step of the checkout process. Do I need to enter the ID somewhere else?

Not that we’re aware of. You’d get the VAT back with your tax return. Or you may want to contact Paddle’s support.

Thanks. I’ve written them now.

It turns out I overlooked the VAT part just above the payment options.

Ah, great that you were able to clear this up. We have quite a few customers every day buying with VAT ID.