Evaluating DTPO and a question on our potential work flow

We’re evaluating DTPO to handle our receipts in an easy way for the book keepers to find them and add them to our accounting system.

Here’s what we’re trying to do (hopefully it will work):

All of this will be running on a dedicated OSX box.

  1. Employees scan receipts with iphone and upload to Google Docs or email to a receipts account.

  2. DTPO via a folder action watches Google Docs folder and via an email bridge the email account.

  3. The PDF is OCR’d added from Google Docs. The PDF attachment from the email is OCR’d and added to DTPO.

  4. Book keepers use the Web interface to search for receipts and add them to the appropriate line in the accounting system.

In theory, we think this will work. However, we’ve noticed that not all PDF files are OCR’d when added to the database. We’ve also read about attachments not being processed from email. So, we’re a bit concerned about that.

We’d appreciate any comments (or improvements) that might be made to the above.


Thank you for your interest in DEVONthink Pro Office!

Another possibility might be to enable the web interface (see Preferences > Server) and to upload files/scans via this interface. There’s also an enhanced web interface in the pipeline, see blog.devontechnologies.com/2012/ … ic-beta-3/

Unfortunately Mac OS X’s folder actions are not that reliable - sometimes they’re executed, sometimes not.

The attachments of archived emails are not yet indexed but this shouldn’t affect your workflow.

Any ideas on how to have PDF files OCR’d and added automagically to the database by non-local users?

We had hoped emailing a PDF attachment to a monitored email account would work, but that is not supported (email attachments). The next choice was a monitored GOOG drive folder, but that appears unreliable.

Any suggestions?


The web server does not yet support this but we might add an option to upcoming releases.

Maybe this?

  1. Non-local users put the non-OCRd PDFs into a Google Drive folder
  2. On the machine where the database lives, monitor the Google Drive folder with Hazel
  3. Hazel can run one of the DEVONthink workflows or scripts that OCR and import documents