Evaluating Product - Some Simple Questions - 02 - Editing after Importing

It seems that if I import a folder then edit files with it DevonThing does not see the edits. Also,the other way around, if I edit in DevonThink the files from the folder will not contain the edits.

Importing copies items into the database. There is no connection between the originals in the Finder and the files in DEVONthink.

Indexing creates a link to the external folder. However, indexing is not a choice you should make without careful consideration.

See Help > Documentation > In & Out > Importing & Indexing for more discussion on this.

Thanks, I would like to ask an unrelated question. It is about code snippets.

Is there any particular functionality within the product to handle code snippets?

Does it support syntax coloring?

Markdown seems to, look for Prism. But you should not ask unrelated questions in a thread, since they tend to be buried and become hard to discover by others.

Thanksgiving your help, Also you have a valid point, but I was blocked from starting another topic.

With Markdown, syntax coloring via Prism only displays the coloring in the rendered text.
The plain text source of the Markdown doesn’t support it.

Did it as you said, works as intended. Thanks

You’re welcome.