Evernote export as Plain Text?

I’ve tried the veritrope Evernote export script but it creates everything as a web archive and leaves it all black so no way to really see it. Conversion in DevonThink to plain text works to make the notes readable but leaves you with 2 copies. One has to be deleted (the original web archive) and the other renamed, the newly created plain text file.

Is there any way to script the export of Evernote notes as plain text instead?

I don’t know how to write scripts so not even sure if this is possible.

Unfortunately, we do not have not much experience with Evernote. Maybe Veritrope himself has some more insight here?


I did get an answer and got it modified to work to get plain text files out. Details are in the comments section on the Veritrope page with the current script.

You can call me Justin! :wink:

DEVONthink Pro users can use the mod that OogieM contributed and, though it’s not as seamless an experience for import into DT, I’ve also updated the Export Evernote Items as RTFD script to make it easier for people to select items in Evernote to export. (Thought I’d throw that out there for people who are squeamish about modifying code).

And I want to chime in that it was a simple matter to change the code and the script is working perfectly for me now. Since most of my notes were originally Palm OS notes plain text will preserve the ability to edit them on my iPod when DTTG finally arrives.

Thanks Justin!

Thank you Justin! :slight_smile:

Is there a single place which bundles all your Evernote/DEVONthink related scripts that I could publish to the blog to update our users?


Yes please, can I help making a single location for all the Evernote to Devon Think Script versions? I can do web pages :slight_smile:

Hi Eric,

At the risk of totally derailing this thread, let me give you a thumbnail of what I’ve been working on lately (and how this relates to your “DEVONthink Pro Script Resource Page” question):

I’m in the process of redesigning my site – and recently I’ve added something I call a “Code Library”. Basically, it’s a place where I (and others) can share useful AppleScripts projects with one another, make suggestions for improvements, and also to develop “code modules” for beginning Scripters to use in their own projects.

I only have a few things in there that would be of interest to DEVON users right now – so I would really appreciate any contributions of code that the DEVONthink community would like to share to help me jumpstart things!

Now that Evernote has updated their AppleScript support, I am going through and moving all of my existing Evernote Script projects into the Code Library as I update them. I’ve been holding off on the latest Evernote/DEVONthink Pro revisions because of a couple of bugs – one of which is the dreaded “black background” bug that many users have been hit with. I have reason to believe that this may be fixed in the upcoming 10.6.5 release and so I am deferring the update and move until it’s released.

I have also been putting together a fundraiser to benefit two student groups in Laos. I’ve had to push the launch date of that back until November and, to maximize the number of eyeballs for that effort, I am also trying to time the release of the most popular scripts to coincide with it.

Feel free to email me or send a DM on Twitter and I can coordinate the release with you in advance so you can have a blog post ready to go!

How about an all-purpose script repository hosted by DTech covering all manner of DT scripted features? This idea has been floated many times. (See for example.) Many of us have volunteered to help make it so in the past. I applaud what Justin is doing - and there are even more broad, rich resources and available for DT scripting.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding that thread. :slight_smile:

Actually, we would rather like to add all available scripts to the DEVONacademy as we have plans to make scripts auto-installable from the Welcome Assistant :slight_smile:

Excellent news, Eric. :slight_smile:

Agreed – Great news!

In the interim, I’ll try to collect useful scraps of code on my site. If anyone has any to contribute, please forward them along using the submission page on my site.

Hi all,

Sorry to dredge up this old thread, but I can’t seem to find the “plain text” script mentioned earlier. Plus, I was wondering if anyone had thoughts of using Markdown as a means of conversion between Evernote and DevonThink. E.g., instead of a webarchive getting converted to plain text, then imported to DT, how about webarchive to MD, then import to DT? I tried unsuccessfully to make this work with pandoc, but couldn’t get good HTML conversion (lots of extra line breaks and other flotsam. Hoping maybe someone here has had better luck, or has better ideas to try.