Evernote group import: Fixed yet?

I watched " MacBites After Hours - 0086 - 24 July 2020" on YouTube and was shown a pretty nifty method for importing Evernote groups into DEVONthink. I’d seen some posts here from slightly earlier saying that it was not possible because of an Evernote update.

Anyone know if Evernote group imports are possible yet? The technique demonstrated on MacBites does not work for me.

Manual export/import of selected notes works

Automatic table import works with the Evernote Legacy product
Doesn’t work with the Evernote Version 10 product

Background - the Version 10 product dropped the local APIs for scripting

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Thanks for the info. I can get individual “clumps” of material out of Evernote and into DEVONthink, but not the handy “whole group” method. Based on your advice, I’ll sit tight for a bit.

Note: This is something Evernote would have to address.