Evernote Import Behavior

The Evernote import is a great addition to Devonthink. The ability to select a particular notebook for import is particularly helpful. It is also helpful how it will only import new notes. The only thing I am having a problem with is that, if a note has ever been imported into Devonthink, it will continue to be skipped, even if the note has been updated in Evernote. I believe this is the standard behavior for the bookends import as well. Is there any way to change this?

If you delete an imported Evernote note and it’s still in the database’s Trash, it will not import again as it’s truly still in the database. You need to empty the Trash to reimport (and no, you should never use the Trash as another filing cabinet - just as you wouldn’t with the one in your kitchen! :mrgreen: )

But is there anyway to update notes that have been previously imported?

No. The only way would be to delete the note in DEVONthink, empty the Trash, and reimport the note.