Evernote Import Best Practices

Hello, I am in the process of transitioning from Evernote. I have found helpful resources in the forum and on YouTube to prepare for the transition. I imported a notebook to get a feel of the process but have become confused about the best way to ensure my notebooks are housed in different databases. Specifically, I imported the Evernote folder into an inbox. Do I now convert the top folder into a Database? Or do I create a Database and move everything into it? Or should I have created a new database and imported the folder directly into it? I am trying to identify the path of least resistance.

Any additional suggestions or insight to help with the transition is greatly appreciated.

I imported all my notebooks into a single database
There’s plenty of time to decide if you need separate databases
and easy to move notes

I’m still using a single database

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. It sounds like the best path forward.