Evernote Import - Date Offset

I’m using “Import > Notes From Evernote” and I noticed that the creation & modification dates don’t match Evernote’s. They are all ahead by 7 or 8 hours. Anyone else have the same issue?

What edition and version of DEVONthink are you using?
What version of Evernote?
What OS are you running?

DEVONthink Pro Office 2.9.15

Evernote 6.12.3

OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

Mine are off by 4 hours. I’m in US Eastern time which is off GMT by 4 hours.
Where are you located?

I’m on the West Coast, so GMT-7.

The difficulty is that some are off by 7 hours, and others are off by 8 hours.

I’m not sure what the “Import” uses, but I tested a simple AppleScript using the dates from a note in Evernote to modify the dates of a dummy note in DEVONthink. The dates matched and there wasn’t an offset.