Evernote import makes some notes into groups?

Hi- I’m brand new to DEVONthink. I imported my evernote notes the other day, and on maybe 10% of the notes DT created a group instead of a note. Inside that group, 1 note had the text from the evernote note, and a second note had the image or movie. Can someone explain what’s going on? Curious more than anything.

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Welcome @mattf
That is just how the Evernote import works with notes having attachments.
You would see the same behavior if you did the export in Evernote and imported into DEVONthink.

Is there a way to merge them back together again? For instance, a single Evernote note got split into two different notes in DT… One of the notes is a pdf file called 20181003. The other note is titled “Price List,” and it’s empty except for a link to the pdf contained in the other file. Obviously I don’t need both…

On a side note, I know this is a basic question, but I’m brand new. When I first launched DT, it led me to an area with some tutorials, which I was excited to try, but there were only two of them, and they were dated back to 2016. Tinderbox is another piece of software I felt completely overwhelmed by, but they have some step by step walkthrough tutorials, which really helped me understand how TB was working. Is there something like that for DT? Tutorials where I can follow along?

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Is there a way to merge them back together again?

The only option is to drag and drop the PDF into the formatted note that was created on import.

There are no tutorials at this time. There is the built-in Help and manual and these forums for the time being.

Hi There, another newbie, similar problem as @mattf. I am working on understanding DEVONthink as the successor of Evernote. I too think this import is rather confusing. I just tried myself that I can combine an PDF and text at least in a formatted note. So, it is rather confusing.
Is there a script that deletes such dummy documents that only link to the PDFs etc. I guess it should in a second step delete the group “replace” it with the document IF there is only one document. Grouping will most likely make sense to keep if there are several document. Thanks!

Furthermore (just thinking), shouldn’t the clean up as above not be the default behaviour? If there is only whitespace in an Evernote note and one attachment, then please only import the attachment and don’t create a group?

I am fully aware that this is more looks than anything. But I try to find my way and DT is the opposite of Evernote, rich instead of simplistic. It is tricky to start - and this looks like clutter to me.

Thanks for “listening”.

Just realise… there might be information missing then with above. The title of the note might be lost. I guess I just get used to this…
But my thumbnails are cluttered with additional folder symbols.

Next try… could we delete from the import: documents that only contain links and whitespaces?
And is there a script that after above renames the pdf/doc to folder name and replaces the two?
And combined? Happily going through the data and execution myself.

There’s a Smart Rule script by @BLUEFROG that probably does what you want. Please see the whole thread to understand what it does.

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