Evernote import script... Very cool

I’m a DT newbie. I was reading the manual and noticed that in the latest beta there’s an Evernote importation script. I ran it last night on 600 Evernote entries. It took a while to import everything, but it worked flawlessly. Obviously all of the tagging is lost from Evernote, but I’m assuming tagging will be added shortly to DT. Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you for putting in that script. I was beginning to think that I might need to install the windows version, import my database to that version and then export to something from there before importing to DT. So, this little script saved me hours of time.

Thanks for the feedback, good to know that the script is working :slight_smile:

I am a non techie

Where do I get the script and how do I install and run


The script is included in the current releases of DT Pro 2 and DT Pro Office 2, and is available in the menu bar, Scripts > Import.

Scripts are not available for DT Personal.