Evernote import speed

Having got a licence for DEVONthink Pro a few years ago, I’m finally going to try using it properly on Mac and iOS as I become wary of potential privacy changes to Evernote and excited about some of the search and organisation potential of DEVONthink.

I started an import of my Evernote database on my early 2013 quad core i7 MacBook Pro over 60 hours ago. The database contains just over 10,000 notes. It’s still importing, but very slowly. The process has progressed to over 7600 notes imported, but it seems to be getting slower.

Is the process likely to complete soon, or should I abandon it? If I abandon the import, what will be the state of the DEVONthink database?

That is impossible to tell. 10,000 notes is a very large number, especially given what we have to work with in Evernote’s very limited inter-application communications.

I would let it finish since you’re already 3/4 done.

Thanks. You know I am actually staggered that it is still working and hasn’t failed.

Indeed! :smiley:

Good news. It took over a week, but it worked, mostly. I’m fixing some issues, but delighted to finally be using a grown-up, secure, user-friendly, powerful-beyond-belief personal information manager!

Thanks! DEVONthink is definitely a different world. Tons of power and functionality to be discovered, and a lot of fun IMHO! :mrgreen: