Evernote migration; .dms files

This feels like a dumb question but…

I did an Evernote migration of about 6,000 notes. The log file shows a ton of files called “Unnamed.dms” with the note “unknown format.” The EN notes that have them tend to have several. When I look at them there is no content. Just sort of a ghost icon. Most are in EN notes that were downloaded web pages, lots of recipes, especially.

But when I do a search for “Unnamed.dms” the search finds nothing. I KNOW they’re there. I can see them.

A screen capture would be helpful.

Hmmm. So as I was unable to recover the original log generated from the import, I rebuilt the db this morning. Log now shows different results than when the import was done.

But in the interim, in the process of starting to clean up the import, I promoted all of the EN notes from the subfolder ~210708 Evernote Import.dbase2>Evernote up to the the parent, ~2107908 Evernote Import. That had the effect of also promoting all of the files previously named ~Unnamed.dms, resulting in their now being renamed Unnamed-x.dms, where x is a DT assigned sequence number. Screenshot attached.

That rebuild also moved the .dms folders out of their original EN notes, into a Finder folder simply called DMS. Thus, it APPEARS that now all of the .dms files previously attached to specific EN notes are accessible in Finder in a subfolder called DMS. Screenshot 2.

I SUPPOSE–but do not know–that I could safely delete that ~DMS folder? Thus obviating the need to hunt them down in DT search? Again, I don’t know what they are or if they have any necessary role, or if they’re just legacy flotsam from EN.

Okay. Problem seems to be solved.

I moved the DMS folder, as well as a couple of other problematic files/folders to Desktop into a folder where I can recover them if I need to, then rebuilt the db. Still some odds and ends that I didn’t recognize, as well as references to missing files. Verified/repaired. Rebuilt again. Verified/repaired again.

It now “successfully” verifies.

I’d still like to understand why Search didn’t find any of the “Unnamed.dms” files, but that’s a mystery that would not appear to be necessary to solve at the moment.