Evernote Rescue

With sad layoffs and slow demise of Evernote I’ve started moving out more of my older archival material.

  • Skitch screenshots going back 10+ yrs
  • Saves of every manually processed bank transaction since before time began.

Between those two I’ve brought ~1500 notes through DT today. Some I exported out to PDFs and some will now reside in DT forever. Never once in this process did DT hiccup.

Thanks to DT for picking up where Evernote left off. Still sad about the people at Evernote. My takeaway - Venture capital is evil.


We’re glad to be part of your transition away from Evernote.
And regardless of any perceived competition between us and them, we are also dismayed at the handling of the situation and have no Schadenfreude about it.

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