Exact term with no wildcard, and a Help text issue?

I was looking for “term1_term2” (tried with and without quotes) where the underscore was required, and it seems the search considered it a space and used fuzzy matching.

Also there seems to be a wording issue in the help under Operators. The last Boolean bullet says:

"term1": Contains the string term1, in exactly this form; uses fuzzy matching (e.g. "DEVON tech" matches also "DEVON-tech" or "DEVON++++tech"); accepts also the '*' operator, like 'BEFORE' but more precise.

```To me, when I read "exactly this form" I focus on the word "exactly", which doesn't leave room for fuzz. 

I eventually found the information I needed so now it is not important, but is there a truly exact, no-fuzz-allowed, method?