Exactscan and Lion

I’m having a problem invoking the Exactscan plugin under Lion, I get the error message that Lion does not support Power PC applications and I cannot find the ‘application’ on my system.

Some time ago in an effort to get Exactscan to work with my scanner I remember changing a setting to force a PPC application default, but I can no longer remember where I changed this setting (It was a struggle to find it back then). :blush:

I guess I’m going to need to change this setting, or fully delete and re-install the Exact Capture module somehow.

There is no guarantee this will work, the original scanner interface was PPC and is now ‘dead’, but I can see and use the scanner in Apples Image Capture app.

I’ve tried a full delete and re-install of DT to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas or info?

My scanner is an Epson Perfection 2400.


I’ve tried another full install of DT, this time deleting all sorts of preference files using App Cleaner and Hazel, and I still get the same result but with more ‘lag’ before the Power PC app message.

I tried a trial of Exact Scan and this works as an Intel app, but can’t find my scanner despite it being supported. This is what happened with Snow Leopard, and is why I changed something to ‘only’ work as PPC, there are instructions on the Exact Scan site for doing this, but it only works with their installed app, not the Exactscan Capture included in DT.

If I can find where this is buried I ‘may’ be able to flick the switch, but I doubt this option exists in Lion, and there is no guarantee this will work anyway judging by the actual Exactscan app.

Incidentally I’m also finding the same problem as another thread, the Image Capture uncooked from DT does work either. No preview, and it always fails on the first page of a scan, disconnecting the scanner from Lion.

For now I’m back to using the in-built Image Capture, and I’m looking at Folder Actions as a work around, but with mixed results so far.

Edit “Uncooked”? I think that should be included, though ‘baked in’ would do! Love Lion’s auto-suggest, it will cause some problems…

Got it! :smiley:

It has taken some tracking down, but I got the slippery guy in the end.

Hopefully no-one else will have the problem, but if they do editing the Launchservices.plist file is where it is at.

I suspected this would have been the problem, but essentially installing Lion has carried over a PPC setting in this file, and editing it to x86-64 manually has fixed the launching of Exactscan as an Intel app.

I guess in all the preparing for Lion I’d forgotten the only app on the system that I’ve ever had to tick the Rosetta preference to force it to open as a PPC app. Why this preference ‘stuck’ during the upgrade when Rosetta is no longer available is anyones guess.

I’ve still no scanner access though, now I’ve got Exactscan to launch it can no longer see the scanner, but as I’m now eyeing up a new all-in-one I may be able to still use Exactscan in the near future.

Incidentally, folder actions is not playing nice with Image Capture. If I scan a multi page document only two pages make it to DT. The folder action is acting on the document before I’ve finished the scan, moving the two pages to DT and deleting the document.