exactscan capture: is it a joke?

I have just update my devonthink pro office to 1.5.4 and exactscan capture is now not useable at all. The first time I try to import from exactscan devonthink hangs and in console I can read ‘2008-10-01 17:43:45.610 DEVONthink Pro[284] ExactScan application not found.’
The second time I try devonthink launch exactscan and -surprise- all the text are “translated” in something that exactcode thinks are italian. IT IS NOT ITALIAN, are random words from italian language placed here and there in non-sense. This is ridiculous and non-professional way to work! For example: “FILE” is translated with ‘lima’ (italian for KNIFE FILE), “HIDE exactscan capture” is translated with ‘pellame exactscan capture’ (italian for “DEAD ANIMAL SKINS exactscan capture”. And go on. All the program is not useable I cannot remember all the original english word that devon/exactscan “translate”. Please REMOVE this stupid translation and restore the english one!

The 3rd time I try to use exactscan nothing is showed in preview because the color option was setted as “” (nothing). Setting as Grey, and asking for a scanning exactscan crash…
Scanning as color at 150dpi I get a low-low resolution scanning from the scanner.

I know is not devon that program this garbage, but is not serious for a database program release this kind of bad written, not tested, application.


That Console message was entirely unrelated to your scanning attempt. It was a check to verify whether or not the full ExactScan application, purchased by some users, had been installed.

What is the brand and model of your scanner?

I’m assuming that you were using the command, File > Import > Document (via ExactScan).

The ExactScan Capture application merely controls the operation of the scanner and sends the resulting image of the paper copy to DEVONthink Pro Office for OCR and storage. OCR is performed by the IRIS OCR module in DTP0.

The OCR procedure “looks at” a picture of the copied material and attempts to recognize alphanumeric characters and translate them as searchable text. The accuracy of the OCR conversion depends on the characterics of the original copy and on the image resolution.

If the original copy is wrinkled, stained or smudged, or contains handwritten notes or marks in or near the text area, or uses small or uncommon fonts, accuracy will suffer.

I usually get acceptable OCR accuracy from clean originals scanned at 300 dpi. Original material with low contrast or small fonts may require scanning at 600 dpi to achieve good OCR accuracy.

Depending on the characteristics of the original, the image resolution should be set at a minimum of 300 dpi, and often at 600 dpi.

Epson perfection scanner 2480

I’m not talking about the OCR process… I’m talking about the APPLICATION: menu, front window, dialog window, all the program is “translated” in a ridiculous “italianish” in a complete non-sense. It seems to me that the devon-exact programmers put the english text in a babelfish translator-machine that creates a comic italian translation. But now I can not use the program 'cause all the dialog and options are non-sense.

Ok, but If I don not want to OCR an image, but scan it at 150 dpi, I want to have a 150 dpi image, not a low resolution one. And if I want to scan an image in grayscale I want it in grayscale. Exactscan simply fails to scan and often (really often) hangs when devon launch it.



we are very sorry for this in inconvenience.

We will provide a new version as soon as possible. As temporary solution I can offer you to send you another ExactScan Capture version.

The problem with TWAIN is, that every driver does implement it differently, and in general there are a lot of errors in each driver. So it happens sometimes, that we work around a problem for one scanner, which changes behavior for others, such as with your resolution setting.

I really understand your disappointment and I hope we get the chance to get ExactScan to work with your scanner as it does for others (and/or did before).

Additionally it would be a great help if you could help us to correct the Italian translation for the mistakes you found.

Please let me know your feedback. You can also contact me directly to my email address at susanne.klaus@exactcode.de.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Susanne Klaus