Exactscan did not initialize or install properly with DTPO

I licensed a separate copy of Exactscan as I need the scanning for applications in addition to DTPO. After installing Exactscan I then started DTPO which recognized the new installation of Exactscan. However, an error was generated in the error log indicating that the initialization had failed.

I note that the File -> Import -> Document (From Exactscan) is active but when I select this menu option the Exactscan Capture applet starts and when I click its “scan” button an error message appears which says that the scanner has not recognized a compatible device.

When I invoke Exactscan’s standalone program I am able to scan and direct the .pdf file to DTPO’s global inbox, but unfortunately this process also requires creation of another .pdf file that is stored elsewhere on my computer; at the moment they are being sent to a temp folder.

How can I work with Exactscan and DTPO to make this process work as I think the programmers intend?

You must control the scanner with the full version of ExactScan.

The ExactScan Capture utility included in DEVONthink Pro Office is a small subset of the ExactScan application and apparently cannot recognize your scanner, whereas the full version of ExactScan can control your scanner.


Thank you for your prompt reply. Could you explain a bit more what you mean when you say that the scan must be “controlled from Exactscan”? Do you mean that I must invoke a scan from Exactscan and send the results to DTPO? This is what I am trying to avoid - or at least Exactscan’s insistence (when I invoke the scan from the program and want to send the results to DTPO) on creating an additional .PDF file somewhere on my HDD.

Perhaps your reply intends to say something else that I am missing.

An original scanner output file must always be saved to disk before OCR can take place. I haven’t used your ExactScan software, but I suspect that if you configure DTPO’s Preferences > OCR by checking the option to move the original document to the Trash, that will take care of your concern.

For example, my ScanSnap saves the scanner output files to my Pictures folder. After DTPO has performed OCR, the original files are moved to the Trash automatically.

Great! I will give that a try and get back to you.

No, that didn’t do it. But I have it set up to put the scanned docs into a Temp folder that gets emptied from time to time. So I’m able to scan a doc into DTPO but I have to invoke Exactscan and initiate the scan from there. I have a profile set up to open the scanned results in DTPO which automatically puts them in the global inbox.

Now, I need to figure out how to do the OCR in DTPO…