ExactScan & Epson Scanner


I’ve been having trouble with ExactScan crashes when using my Epson Perfection 4490 Photo Scanner, but I think I’ve finally solved my problem. So here goes:

First scan, I choose Import > Document (via ExactScan). ExactScan launches, I have it use my scanner’s own interface and everything goes well. Second and subsequent scans, if I choose Import > Document (via ExactScan), I get an ExactScan crash. If instead I click on the ExactScan icon in the dock, scanning goes off with no problems.

EDIT:Here is the console message:
10/22/08 22 12:52:02 PM [0x0-0xc80c8].com.irislink.mac.RDE[863] Scanner software for ‘EPSON Perfection 4490’ is illegally releasing the ‘CFBundleName’ object. However, Apple has protected your application from crashing as a result of that action. Please contact the vendor of the software for ‘EPSON Perfection 4490’ to report this problem.
10/22/08 22 12:52:02 PM [0x0-0xc80c8].com.irislink.mac.RDE[863] -----
10/22/08 22 12:53:35 PM com.apple.launchd[353] ([0x0-0xc50c5].de.exactcode.ExactScan Capture[855]) Exited abnormally: Bus error

So, is this expected behavior and were there instructions somewhere and I just missed them? Or is this a problem with ExactScan and Epson TWAIN and I’m just lucky that it works at all?



PS Yes I know that Epson TWAIN is a troublemaker, but I bought the scanner to scan photos (which it does very well). Not ready to buy another scanner because I’m saving to pay for my DTPO 2.0 upgrade :wink:

Thanks, Karen. I’ve noticed this to the ExactCode people.


I’ve played it with it some more just to be certain that I can reproduce the crash. I think I see where I’m going wrong. The first time I choose Import Document (via ExactScan), ExactScan launches, I choose my settings in the ExactScan window, click Scan, the Epson TWAIN window opens in FRONT of the ExactScan window and I scan from the Epson window. When the scan is over, the Epson window closes, but the ExactScan window doesn’t, it goes behind DTPO. The second time I chose Import Document (via ExactScan), the ExactScan window comes to the front, I chose scan, the Epson window opens BEHIND the ExactScan window. I mistakenly click the scan button on the ExactScan window again, and I make it crash. If I click on the Epson window behind the ExactScan window, I can scan with no crashes. If I choose ExactScan from the dock, the ExactScan window comes back to the front, I click scan, it launches Epson and the Epson window opens in FRONT of the ExactScan window. Have I confused you yet? Because now I’m lost.

So the problem seems to be that ExactScan doesn’t consistently launch the Epson TWAIN window in front and I’m clicking on the scan button in the ExactScan window again after I’ve already clicked on it once and launched Epson TWAIN. It would be helpful if the Epson window always opened in FRONT of the ExactScan window.

Thanks for your help,


Dear Karen,

thank you for your post.

We cannot reproduce your problem. Please send me an email at susanne.klaus@exactcode.de to further analyze your problem.

Thank you,