Exactscan missing?

Hello, I’ve finished my upgrade from Lion to Mountain Lion, and noticed that when I start up Pro Office that Exactscan is no longer listed in the ‘import’ menu.

Is it missing or not supported under Mountain Lion? I know it was working in Lion without any issue. I’ve reinstalled Pro Office to see if that fixes it, but it was still missing.

Any advice? I don’t have a Scansnap, and while I plan to get one, I don’t want to have to move the timetable up because of this…


We no longer use ExactScan.

You can now find what you’re looking for under File > Import > From Scanner or Camera…
From the Toolbar you can add an Image Capture icon.

That’s disappointing. Image Capture as implemented by DEVONThink is horribly buggy.

For instance, I ran a batch of scans this morning, and then collated them into individual documents (some were 1 page, some were 2 page, and some were 3 page). About 5 documents in all.

I hit ‘send’ on all the documents, but only the first 2 were OCRed correctly, the others were just copies of the second document scanned.

Also, there is no way to delete documents using a keyboard shortcut. I have to right click on the document’s title to delete it. Very annoying, especially if the document is empty after sending to DEVONThink.


For what it’s worth, I agree that “Image Capture am implemented by DEVONThink is horribly buggy.”

In my opinion, dropping ExactScan in favor of a vastly inferior way of scanning and importing documents is a mistake and weakens the program as a whole.

I have given up trying to import documents within DEVONThink. I am now using the scanning software that came with my scanner to scan the documents - then I import them into DEVONThink.

It’s a poor substitute but it works.


The way it used to work with ExactScan and a flatbed scanner - just hit “Import”, than add the document page by page, finaly add the metadata and a title and store the document - was great. I seriously hope that there will be updates to bring back ExaktScan or some similar scanning dialog.
When it comes to documents with multiple pages the scanner dialog in DTPO 2.4.1 is a pain in the ass and a huge step back for an 140€-software… :frowning:

My god, I was just wondering the same.

I totally agree with other comments. I want exactscan back.
I need my profiles back!

I see in the 2.4.2 release the following:
scansnap and exactscan integration, now also suport exactscan pro

it doesn’t say you removed exactscan.

where can I download the previous version?
I absolutely need exactscan.

can anyone from DT react?

Don’t you realize that removing exactscan is a step backward?

Luckily I found the older version in time machine.

Honestly, I spent months creating my custom profiles, I really need them.

Then, I don’t seem to be able to scan multiple pages of the same document.

And the best of all: my 2 scanner (both from canon) always seems to warm up before each scan.

I’m so upset. I already feel like searching for an alternative if I can’t use version 2.3.5 in future version of Mac OS.

I have to agree that this does not improve things for the customer. I have the HP 8390 scanner. It have never been recognised in Image Capture and Exactscan made the workflow simpler. This complicates the workflow and is a disappointing outcome given the lack of complementary functionality i.e. Image Capture doesn’t work for me!