excel with DTPO links -> to PDF + retain links - HOWTO?


I have an excel expense sheet, all the receipts are in DTPO.
I expense row contains a cell containing the word ‘link’ that contains a link to the pertaining DTPO receipt-item.

(creation procedure:I select the receipt in DTPO, right-click, copy as link - then in Excel, with the cell selected, I select the word ‘link’ then press cmd-k to open the excel insert hyperlink (defaults to ‘Web Page or File’) and paste the link.

Now I would like to convert this Excel file to a single PDF file containing all linked receipts, paginated to the order of the Excel rows, and with the clickable link working (click on the link of the first PDF page, will jump to the correct receipt)

I think this should be possible but I do not know how to achieve this.
I’m using Yosemite, DTPO off course, Excel 365, any variant of PDF (I’ve tried with PDF Pen Pro)

Does anybody have a pointer on how to get this going?
I will gladly provide any lacking information.

P.S. What would also help is a way to modify the right-click behaviour of Excel in the style “Reveal in devonthink” - maybe that’s easier…

Did you try to print the document to a PDF?

Sorry to be late to answer…
In fact I forgot that I posted this already but bumped into this recurring problem again today :blush:

Printing from within Excel does not show the possibility to include all the linked documents to be printed too.
So that does not seem to be an option.

That would be a Microsoft thing to tend to.

That would be a highly unusual thing to happen, if you printed one Excel document and other documents, especially merely linked ones and non-Excel documents, printed too. :open_mouth:

I was thinking of something more creative like

  • share to DTPO
  • print to DTPO

I’ve never delved much into DTPO’s sheet capability.
Would it be conceivable to add a link to a sheet / cell?
Export to cvs?

Sheets in DEVONthink are not analogous to spreadsheets in Excel. Sheets are merely a way to display delimited data in a more user-friendly fashion. You could paste URLs into a cell in a DEVONthink sheet, but they are not live URLs.