Exclude from Classification: include sub-groups option

With the increasing use of smart folders with tagging that people are using in DTpro, I thought this has become even more relevant.

Could this be considered for a future release?

That’s currently unlikely as replicated groups have multiple parents and therefore the “exclude from classification” setting would be undefined.

I know nothing of the finesse of programming, and don’t understand the technicalities that prevent this, but nonethelss, maybe Christian could humour me and answer my question: why wouldn’t this work?

Let’s say I have two groups, A and B, and each has a few subgroups . Now let’s assume I have group A checked for “exclude from classification”, and B is not. Then, let’s say that – as is requested above – I have checked that all subgroups also inherit the parent’s classification status. If group A had subgroup X, and I then replicated subgroup X from A to B, and group B is not set for exclusion, why couldn’t that replicated subgroup be normal (not excluded), while the subgroup in A remain excluded? In other words, what’s the problem with a file being excluded, and its replicant being not excluded?

Furthermore, can’t I do that right now anyhow, by manually checking files that are replicated, anyhow?

Because this is an undefined setting - it’s not clear what is intended by the user.

I was talking about the “Exclude from classification” setting for parent groups (and multiple replicants have multiple parents and therefore multiple settings), not about the “Exclude from classificatio” setting for a replicated content itself.

Anyway, you can script the “Exclude from classification” setting and therefore implement this via a simple script.

Oops, typo there: I meant the groups as well, not the actual files.

Anyhow, I guess I see the logical reasons for what your saying. Will defer to your obviously superior familiarity with the programming logic of DT. :slight_smile: Thanks for the explanation.