"Exclude from classification"

Just wondering about the “Exclude from classification” feature, and what exactly it’s going to do.

Mainly, what I want, is for excluding a group to prevent the “Classify” feature from recommending that group, but I don’t want the “exclusion” to prevent items from that group showing up in “See Also”. Is this how “Exclude from classification” will work?

The help file seems to suggest that, but it’s a bit vague about how it affects “See Also”.

Jay P.

Hi, Jay. “Exclude from Classification” does not prevent items located in such a group from being suggested by “See Also”.

For example, I’ve got my Incoming group excluded from Classification. But if See Also finds documents in my Incoming group that are similar to a document being viewed, they will be suggested.


That’s what I thought, and in my own testing, I came to the same conclusion, so I’m happy about that.

The main reason I asked was because in the help it says: “Use this to exclude for example temporary groups to increase the accuracy of Auto-Classify and See Also.”

I was worried that the reference to “See Also” at the end meant that maybe the score of a document would be decreased by being placed in an excluded group.