Exclude from Classification

Hi All,

I did some looking, but didn’t really find what I needed. Are there best practices for the “Exclude from Classification” checkbox? It’s checked for all my folders… I’ve read about the clasofocationfeature and I think I want to use it, but am concerned that exclude is checked by default and there may be a good reason why :slight_smile:

This should only be the case if you’re indexing folders or for certain imports, like the Addresses group created when importing Contacts. New groups made in DEVONthink are not excluded by default.

Yes, I am indexing my iCloud Drive folders of my teaching materials …. Do I want to leave it checked ?? Can I use the Classify feature on indexed items? Im am confused as to what benefits I would gain or not use of I made ALL my folders to be able to classify (meaning Uncheck the box)

Can you help or explain?


I can’t tell you if you want it unchecked, but there’s no harm in it. All it does it make it available for the AI to use when classifying documents., ie. filing or suggesting filing locations.
If you’re not using classification but are happily manually filing things, I don’t see you’d need to uncheck it.

OK, Thanks, that may sense… Just curious, why is it checked by default on indexed items?? is it because by me choosing to index, DTPO is assuming I like my file structure as is already ?

Thanks for all your help

It’s more due to the fact that items added to indexed groups do not propagate to the Finder folder without manual intervention. If you classify to an indexed folder, you might be expecting those files to be appearing in the Finder folder and they wouldn’t unless you used Move to External Folder from the contextual menu (or a triggered script attached to the group).