"Exclude from See Also" applies to individual docs, not grou

I have a bunch of documents that I don’t want to be included in “See Also” results. I figured I would group them together, choose “Exclude from See Also” in the group’s Inspector and be good to go. As it turns out, the documents are still being shown as “See Also” results. If I individually exclude them from See Also it works…but the point was I can have a dumping ground for stuff I want to search for, but not See Also (long PDFs that aren’t very useful as a See Also).

Is there a way to make that “Exclude from See Also” setting on a group propagate downward to all the documents contained in that group? Thanks for any help!

Not explicitly. But, select everything in the group (Edit > Select All, or cmd-A) then open the Show Info panel. With the option in that panel you can exclude everything all at once.

okay, thanks