Exclude from Wiki Linking not working as expected

Hello there,

not sure if the following is a bug or a simple newbie error - please enlighten me :slight_smile:

Wiki links are set to Names and Aliases, and work as expected. I would like to include only certain types of items contained in the database in the scope for automatic wiki linking.

I was assuming that it should be possible to make automatically established wiki links disappear by setting the “Exclude from Wiki Links” checkmark in the linked item’s inspector.

However, this is not the case - the link remains. Am I missing something here?


It’s necessary to close and reopen the database before changes are picked up.

Actually, deselecting and reselecting the file should be sufficient.

Thank you both for the input.

Closing and reopening the database did the trick! Deselecting and reselecting the file seems to be insufficient in my case. I tried several times with different files.

A follow-up question: I would like all documents except Markdown that are added to the database in the future to be excluded from wiki linking automatically. However, there doesn’t seem to be a Smart Rule action to make this happen.

For now, I’ve created a Smart Group and set an alert to remind me to check the “Exclude from Wiki Linking” check box.

Is there a script or workaround to automate this? If not, I would like to add this as a feature request.

@cgrunenberg Surprisingly there’s no AppleScript property to exclude WikiLinks:

exclude from classification - Exclude group or record from classifying.
exclude from search - Exclude group or record from searching.
exclude from see also - Exclude record from see also.
exclude from tagging - Exclude group from tagging.

So at the moment it’s not possible to automate the process.

Surprisingly ?
Have you looked at the length and depth of the release notes? :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean here :slight_smile:

@AW2307 is looking for a way to automatically exclude records from Wiki Linking

I didn’t find an AppleScript property to do so. That’s surprising as Wiki Linking seems to be a very old feature of DEVONthink.

I just meant, if you read the Release Notes, you’ll see how many changes are made in a given release. Many changes are made.

That’s surprising as Wiki Linking seems to be a very old feature of DEVONthink.

WikiLinking is an older feature but excluding items from WikiLinking came about in a DEVONthink 3 build.

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Ah, I see. Thanks!

So to conclude, if a smart rule action to exclude from wiki links could be added in the future that would be great. Same for automatically excluding from Search, Classification etc.

In the meantime, it’s no big deal for me to set up a Smart Group and occasionally Select All → set checkmark for “Exclude from Wiki Linking”.

Thanks for the input, topic is solved for now.

Development will have to assess this, but the request is noted.

Added to the next release.


Sometimes your responses to requests could only be faster if you actually drove round to users’ houses and rewrote the code on scene! You’re great, the lot of you! :sunglasses:


Just wanted to follow up on this thread, as a smart rule to exclude items from wiki linking would be quite useful. It doesn’t seem to be available in the current release, 3.7.2.

Is adding this feature still in scope for an upcoming release @cgrunenberg ? It would be much appreciated.

There’s no built-in Smart Rule but exclude from Wiki linking is now available.

-- Smart Rule - Exclude from Wiki linking

on performSmartRule(theRecords)
	tell application id "DNtp"
			repeat with thisRecord in theRecords
				set exclude from Wiki linking of thisRecord to true
			end repeat
		on error error_message number error_number
			if the error_number is not -128 then display alert "DEVONthink" message error_message as warning
		end try
	end tell
end performSmartRule
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Thank you very much for the script @pete31 and @cgrunenberg for making this scriptable!

It works perfectly using an embedded script with the provided code in the smart rule.

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