Exclude groups inside project template from tagging by default

Dear all,

Is there anyway that I can exclude groups (folders) that I have in my project template by default?

Here is the exact situation that I am in; I have created a template for my LaTeX reports. This project has multiple folders inside itself (one for figures, one for personal macros, etc). The exclude form tagging option is unchecked in my database properties.
Now, every time that I make a new project using the template, all the groups are group tags (which is consistent with my database properties). My question is that can I specify somewhere in the template that these groups need to be excluded from tagging?

I am running DTP 3 Version 3.0.4 on MacOS 10.15.4.

Thank you for your time in advance.

If you create and export the group hierarchy in a database using group tags, the state of each group in the hierarchy will be preserved when imported via the template.

Note the states of the groups here in a database using group tags…

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 12.04.14 PM

And yes, the Group Tag group there isn’t excluded while the others have been.

Thank you @BLUEFROG for your quick response.
I created my template based on this guideline in the forum. I, basically, created my desired folder structure in the finder.
If I understand you correctly, I need to create my structure in DTP and then export it as a template, is that right?


You’re welcome :slight_smile:
That is essentially correct though you could drag the Finder folders into DEVONthink and apply the exclusions there before exporting the template.

@BLUEFROG Great, thank you.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: