Exclude Indexed files


As some other threads have indicated, many of us have pdf collections that are indexed in DevonThink (I do this so I can keep pdfs in Dropbox and access them on Windows computers without DT). I have a folder for each text i read, and these folder have a mixture of rtf notes in them and an indexed pdf file.

I would prefer it if I could choose somehow to keep these indexed pdf files off the iPad, but still sync over the rtf notes. I have all the pdfs synced through GoodReader, so having them synced over with DTTG creates 2 copies on the (limited space) iPad. Perhaps an option in settings like: Exclude indexed files.

Perhaps there is some way for me to do a saved search in DT to create a way to exclude the indexed files in the Sync group?

**Update: I have created a new smart group that searches for “instance is not indexed”. I have put this group in the Sync group, but it does not sync any notes to the iPad. I have also tried replicating this smart group to the Sync group but also no luck.

Smart groups don’t Sync to DT TG.

But you could create a new group and select and replicate the items in the smart group to that group. Then place that group in Mobile Sync.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the suggestion. Given my folder structure it doesn’t look to me like it will work. Here’s what I’ve got:

Reading Notes
------article.pdf (indexed)
------article.pdf (indexed)

Creating a smart group that searches for non-indexed items ends up with a flat list of the rtf notes. The structure, though, is useful for me and I’d like it to be recreated on the iPad.

Is there a way to create a smart group that keeps this folder hierarchy?