exclude/prevent indexed files from sync

Sync works well between macOS and iOS.

What it would make even better were the option to be able to exclude files, folders – especially indexed folders - from being sync.

How can one achieve that?


You can’t exclude things from Sync nor can you partially Sync a database. If you need a subset of records you can create a separate Syncing database.

I know that I can’t - and yet, I’d love to.

So my question was not so much a workaround-request as it was a question of why not having the such opportunity as excluding files from being sync. Your suggestion, however, to duplicate a subset of data to another database is definitely not an option in my world of file-management.

Thanks anyway, Jim.

Partially Syncing a database is no trivial matter, especially given the number of devices that are often involved in a Sync. If there was a simple answer to this problem, we would have gone down that path. Currently, the shallow Sync (metadata only) or a separate Syncing database are the best options.

It’s an old thread but I want to support this too.

I guess the use case of having an indexing a folder is that you want to merge all information but you want to manage some files not within DT.
So you take care of them separately and you might want to use a 3rd party sync solution that then could lead into problems.

Disabling the option of your sync location(s) to synchronize contents of indexed items on all Macs should actually be sufficient, in this case only metadata gets up/downloaded.

But that would also limit DEVONthink To Go’s ability to download files in a shallowly synced database.

That might help a little but not at all

  • the folder structure keeps beeing synchronized
  • as Jim mentioned I cut off DTTG with this

But I might give it a try.
What about the syncStore and already synchronized files? Can I / do I need some kind of cleanup ?

Sync stores contain always a complete database representation, it’s not a stream containing only the latest changes.

I mean do the physical files get kicked out of the database / trash when I disable the option or does it just take affect for the files that are beeing indexed after this.

They will be skipped like locked items on demand.