Excluding Domains


I know this may sound strange, but I excluded domains from my searches and on the other hand I want these domains later to be searched in a different /separate search.

So here’s why:

I excluded many people search engine domains from my searches as they typically don’t show very good results.

But in some cases it may be necessary to see what they collected. So currently I have to remove the blocked domains from the preferences, run the search and then block them again.

This is not really efficient…any other idea how I can manage that?

A different way to exclude the domains i.e. by search set would be great.



One workaround might be to use a second user account, another possibility is to use customized plugins excluding the domains. But that’s of course only feasible if your search sets use only one or few plugins (e.g. Google) and if all sets exclude the same domains, otherwise too many customized plugins would be necessary.

If you know the domains you want to search you could import these into a “search set” by saving them as a HTML file, opening them in DevonAgent browser window, right clicking on the DevonAgent browser window and selecting “Add All Links To Set”.
[url]DTPO Import Website HTMLs to DAgentPro As Search Sets]
This will import only those links into a new or existing ‘search set’ so you can search within only those Domains, thereby excluding domains you don’t want to include.

You could then do the same for the Domains you want to exclude and run intermittent searches on.

Call each search set something like “Included Domains” and “Excluded Domains”.
Then set to auto schedule to suit your schedule “Included Domains” = Weekly, “Excluded Domains” = Monthly.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip, will try and come back with my feedback :smiley: