Excluding email from search results

I’ve been importing everything into DevonThink Pro Office, including old emails from Entourage. It’s very helpful to have everything related to a given subject or person in a single spot.

Until, of course, I tried to exclude emails from my search results.

The search window provides me with “State”, “Unread”, “Locking”, “Label” and “Search in”. I don’t see any help in the help file for how to EXCLUDE email from my search results. What I’m logically trying to do would be:
“UNIX kind not EML”
or having some kind of pointy-clicky thing that says “exclude these types: EML” or “include only RTF”.

Shy of re-organizing my database to move all of my email to another database, is there another way of finding everything that’s NOT email?

Just move all emails into a group, then exclude the group from searching via the Info panel.

The smart groups of the next beta will support “Kind is/is not email” and so will the upcoming advanced search (hopefully part of the next beta too).


The emails are all in a group named “Microsoft Entourage”. In the find panel - that’s command-F - I do see there’s a “search in” that lists both my databases and groups.

Here’s the problem: there’s no way to say “do NOT search in”. I could individually select each group, see if what I’m looking for is there, and if not, iterate on to the next group. That’s not efficient.

Is the recommendation to keep email separate from normal databases? To me, it makes sense to keep all documentation and emails related to work in a single database, rather than in separate databases.

To do as Christian suggested, in DEVONthink select your group named Microsoft Entourage and open its Info panel (Shift-Command-I). See the checkbox to exclude an item from search?