Excluding everything in a group


I am just learning a bit about DTP, still “test driving it” at this stage. I have been setting up the structure and am impressed with the AI functions.

However, I have a group that has a number of levels of nested folders and loads of files and I want to exclude all of that group from the classify function.

So far, I can’t seem to be able to exclude everything and it seems I have to manually exclude each folder and file in the group. That’s NOT something I want to have to do if I decide to buy DTP and make it my new “brain.” Am I missing a short cut to doing this?



Switch to list view or split view, then select and expand the group completely by option-clicking on the triangle to the left of the group’s name. Finally select the group and all of its children, open the Info panel and check or uncheck “Exlude from classification”.

Thanks for the reply. I will give that a try!